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Style guides



For my ‘Statement Serenade’ collection I love to work with all types of material and combine beads of different colour, structure and size to create a piece that will make sure all heads are turned towards these jewelry creations!

If you’re looking for a wow-factor and do not shy away from the more heavier looking jewelry than this is the collection for you.  You will find my most populair items here, and that’s not without reason!



I absolutely love working with the most eye catching material a drummer has to offer: the crash, the ride, the china, in other words: I have a ‘Cymbal Crush’. Cymbals come in a variatie of gold, bronze and copper shades and all have a unique, playful set of lines.

Combining them with semi-precious beads or chaton cut stones, as well as hand engraving them, gives the jewelry an extra dimension.  Cutting them into a soft looking, curved shape will help turn this once extremely hardened material into an even more unique piece of jewelry.



Simple but elegant, minimal but prominent. That’s my ‘Metal Forte’ collection for you! If you do not like wearing out spoken colours and care for a design that speaks for itself than this is where you need to be.

In this collection you’ll find jewelry created out of bass guitar and guitar strings. Cultivated with techniques such as hammering, enhanced with dividers, beads and pendants and often combined with the colour black.



In my ‘Heart Bead’ collection you’ll find the most merry and buoyant of my jewelry creations, from small & striking to large & lavish. With designs to fit each fashion desires and neckline. 

The collection is characterized by the use of bright colours, daring colour combinations, bundles of beads and crafty designs. Combine them with an already colourful outfit or dress in black and let your jewelry do the talking!



For my ‘Gemstone Rock’ collection I love to work with (semi) precious stones, Swarovski Elements crystals and other kind of rare beads that will lift a creation up pure because of their uniqueness.

If these stones have a special meaning to your or you simply like their look and story then be sure to take a look in this collection!