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Fractured Fairytale



Necklace with two bass guitar strings, coloured wire, an eye catching fairy as center piece and various kinds of beads.  The arrangement of the beads may vary slightly on every necklace to make sure each necklace is balanced out perfectly.


Available as pictured.


Inner circumference of the pictured necklace is 39 centimeter. The design of this type of necklace doesn’t leave much room for size options but you may choose to extend the necklace with an extension chain by choosing +3 or +5 centimeter via the ‘Necklace length box’.


The necklace is made from reclaimed bass guitar strings donated by Kees Harrison, ex Sacrosanct.

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Due to the material being reclaimed, the beads often being a natural product and the jewelry being hand made, you may receive a piece that slightly differs than the one pictured.

Please also read my FAQ to learn all about how to care of your Precious Metal Jewelry items!